Individually, we are one drop..... together, we are ocean

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WE - The RANE BROTHERS' Group Are Firm believers of traditional family values and all along have striven to inculcate the family concept in our enterprises.

Every member of the Group is encouraged to practice simple principle at work - 'Serve with devotion' and 'Self growth should aid collective growth'.

Mutual trust, respect, cohesion and co-operation are emphasized as key organizational guidelines.

This group is led by the ambitious and aspiring youngest member of the family, Mr. SHIVAJI and supported by his brothers -Mr.PRATAP & Mr. UMESH .

The ambition is to make a remarkable presence in Pro-Audio, Real Estate,Retal sector and Hospitality .

  Mr.Shivaji Rane heads the 'Pro-Audio Design & Manufacturing, Sales & Install Division'.

  Mr.Umesh Rane heads the 'Pro-Audio Rental Division'

  Mr.Pratap Rane heads the 'Real Estate & Garment division'.

At Rane Brothers', we believe in reinventing ourselves to overcome the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable growth. Excellence, inclusion, equality and efficiency are our core values. These are backed with strong and a well-defined long-term vision. This has led us to become one of the most admired, fastest growing group in a very short span of time.

We endeavor to bring about innovation by providing incomparable values combined with flexibility and risk-taking ability. We also believe in leadership by delivering exceptional performance in every domain we serve. We are committed to achieve excellence in all businesses that we ventures, with the objective of becoming an organization that each & every member attached is proud of.